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Autumn Leaf
Stretching House
dom parterowy z wolim oczkiem
dom-na -wąską działkę
Sandstone Covered House 2
“Back to Nature” House
Willa Moderna z wydzielonym gabinetem
Moderna 1 Villa
Classical House
Klasyka z klinkierem
Dorota – House for a Family of Five
Mountain House
House with a Circular Dining Room
Nowoczesna Willa podmiejska
Project move left 18/ 18


Modern Suburban Villa



The villa is designed for a plot with an entry from the East or the South. It refers to the suburban architecture of the 1930s. The western body of the building has a large roofed terrace. The ground floor includes the living zone and a home office. Located within the bay window area, the dining room is well-lighted thanks to grand glass walls. It opens towards the kitchen in one end and towards the lowered living room in the other end. The first floor includes two full height bedrooms and one bedroom located above the garages. Building size: 24m x 17,5m. Minimum plot size: 32m x 25,5m.