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Dorota – House for a Family of Five
Moderna 1 Villa
Klasyka z klinkierem
Stretching House
Classical House
dom parterowy z wolim oczkiem
Clinkered House 2
Klasyczny z klinkieru
Willa Moderna z wydzielonym gabinetem
Moderna 2 Villa
Sandstone Covered House 2
Dom nowoczesny
dom z ogrodem zimowym
A One-Storey House with a Pergola
“Back to Nature” House
Dom przyjazny
Savanna House
Dom ze źródełkiem
Mountain House
House with a Circular Dining Room
House with an Undulating Roof Edge
Energy-efficient House
Autumn Leaf
Nowoczesna Willa podmiejska
Dom energooszczędny
Clinkered House
Dom Milanówek
House with an Aquarium
Suburban Sandstone Villa
Mansard House
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Clinkered House 2

Stylish Houses

A one-storey house with an attic. The façade is covered with clinker tiles. The ground floor includes the living zone and a home office. The attic consists of the parents` bedroom with a bathroom and a dressing room, and three children`s bedrooms. The preferred entry to the plot – from the North. Building size: 20,5m x 13,5m. Minimum plot size: 28,5m x 21,5m.